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Oil 22x28
Acadia Winter

Oil 24x30
Drive along the Pacific

Oil 36x24
Family Sailboat in 1975

Belford Sunrise

Oil 18x36
Cinque Terre, Italy


Hunting vacation,British Columbia

Oil 24x39
Our Trip to Paris

Oil 24x30
Winter Path to Cabin

Ringwood, New Jersey Winter

Oil 28x22
Shoot'n the Breeze


view close up

Oil 36x36
Swamp Light

Oil 27x32
The Shiris

Oil 30x40
Tuscan Wine Country

Oil 20x24
Tuscany Hillside

Oil 24x36
View from our Condo


Oil 24x18
Visit to Greece





Gallery 3…Comminssioned works

I am a landscape/seascape oil painter and studio painter at The Hub on Canal, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I have celebrated 50 years of painting ( 2016). I am offering to put that experience to work creating an original oil painting just for you.

You choose the subject: your home, a sunset view,?a marsh or seaside local, your boat, your vacation cottage, a travel photo, your favorite place on earth. The options are wide open.

We will discuss subject, color options, composition and price. With some paintings, I will paint a small sample for your review, allowing you the opportunity for changes and tweaking. After the size, subject, color palette and price are agreed upon, I will require a 25% deposit before starting the actual painting.

The painting is FULLY GUARANTEED. Your 25% will gladly be RETURNED if you do not like the finished painting. NO QUESTIONES ASKED. So… you know, I have never had to return a deposit.

To explore the idea of a one-of-a-kind, commissioned oil painting, contact me, Frank Ferrante, at Studio/Cell 201-741-9843