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Oil 16x36
After the Storm

Oil 36x24
Boats in Fog

Oil 36x36
Breaking Wave

Oil 36x36
Breaking Wave

Oil 36x36 Breaking Wave


Oil 36x36
Breaking Wave

Oil 36x36
Breaking Wave

Oil 24x24
Breaking Wave

Oil 24x30
Feeding Gulls

Oil 24x54
Hard Starbord (Triptych)


view close up

Oil 40x90
IDune View (Triptych)

Oil 12x24
Lady of the Sea

Oil 8x30
Light on Wave (Triptych)

Oil 24x30
Moon Breaker

Oil 18x24
Reflected Light


Oil 30x24
Sailors View

Oil 36x36
Sea Breeze

Oil 36x90
Storm Surg (Diptych)

Oil 24x60
The Regatta (Triptych)

Oil 18x24
Yucka on the Beach

Gallery 1…The Scent of the Sea

This gallery deals with seascapes and the above paintings are an example of a passion that I have with the challenging sea. I do not know what is about the sea, but I just enjoy painting the ocean. I think it has to do with the ever changing and challenging subject matter that excites me. I have always enjoyed painting something different and since the ocean is always changing… I find it fascinating to paint and a rewarding challenge!